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From the beginning of time, female energy has been vital. From creation, nurturing, strength, the heart of the home, and wisdom, the female has abundantly made her mark on this planet. Why then, do we not value ourselves with self love and self care as we should?
This platform was created for the most beautiful physical energy on Earth. The woman.
Charity cater's to all phases of life from birth to menopause and beyond. Regardless of the phase of life you’re currently in, the message remains the same. Self-love and self-care starts in the womb. It is spread from generation to generation. It is how we heal ourselves and thus creating space to assist with healing others.
A note from Charity: 

My passion is WOMEN & women’s wellness (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually & wholeheartedly). To teach and help heal, I would undoubtedly have had to experience and overcome. Healing does not exist unless it has been administered to self 1st. Once the self is healed, then one can teach others. 


For all ages and in every culture, women have done quite the opposite, which is why we feel depleted. When you awake in the morning, fill yourself up with light, and allow it to spread out through your energy bodies. Others can have as much of your light as they need, and this way, YOU don’t feel depleted. Overcoming and healing presented me with a Ph.D. in womanhood, and I will use this gift to help others called or drawn to my light.  Is it easy? No, Is it worth it? A trillion times..... YES!!  


“Women naturally possess the ability to rise from the ashes from which we choose to burn from (energetically speaking). We carry willpower (WomanPower) to transform, create, uplift, strengthen, and awaken life. This energy is found in every mammal that graces this planet. We own it even if we aren’t conscious of this. When we choose awareness, we open up and begin to unlock the very formula in which we designed for ourselves for this lifetime. Let the healing begin.” ~Charity Nicole 

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As a Birth Doula

We love the beauty of assisting and empowering women before, during and after labor. Clients are provided with informational, physical, and the emotional support that tailors to their own desired birthing experience.

Charity Nicole learned to grow from "pain" to "power" by utilizing the gifts of self acceptance, self-love and taking responsibility. Healing allowed Charity to develop her skills on a much higher vibration intuitively, personally and socially.

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