What is a Birth  Doula?

Birth Doulas are trained professionals that assist and empower mothers during all stages of pregnancy, labor and postpartum care. We hold space for all mothers, while encouraging them to be the leader of their own birth. Birth Doulas provide informational, physical and emotional support before, during and after labor. 


As Birth Doulas, we will assist the birthing mom in creating a tailored birth plan and assist you with having the most memorable and self-empowered birth experience possible.

Doula Plus+ will formulate an empowering birthing plan for you and your family.

*Birth Doulas are not medical physicians and DO NOT provide medical advice.

Our Intuitive Birth Doula Coordinator

Lisa G



My passion for becoming a birth doula comes from the desire to help women who truly need support. Women are so beautiful and important. They deserve the utmost respect. My mother took care of 7 children, and I wish that she would’ve had birth support. This is my way of giving back. I am of Haitian descent and speak Creole. I love working with Charity Nicole and have learned so much from her. She has been my mentor for many years, and I am grateful for her light. She helped me to raise my vibration and realize who I truly am. I love being a part of the Doula Plus+ family and enjoy servicing our clients. Doula Plus+ feels like home. So much gratitude. 

~Lisa G.

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Maternity and New Born Photography

Capturing The Memories


 Welcome Alana!
Our Doula Plus+ Photographer


Are you or anyone you know expecting or postpartum?


Doula Plus+ now has a Maternal Photographer!!

For our new year special, We will grant three mamas a 2-hour photoshoot.


If you or someone you know and love is currently pregnant or just recently delivered. We now offer maternal/family photoshoot, including the partner and siblings.


We are thrilled to welcome Alana to our team to express gratitude for her beautiful and Intuitive photo abilities. We chose Alana as our photography due to her innate ability to capture such beautiful moments and her keen sense of angles within her photography. Capturing those precious moments before and after pregnancy are lifetime memories are so crucial to birthing mothers: so much gratitude, love, and light.

A Note From Alana

For many years photography has been a creative form of expression for me. Before having children of my own, my life led me to working with women who taught me about empowering and honoring the sacred essence of womanhood and how deeply rooted we all are. During this time is when I began to photograph pregnant women. It is a gift to be able to experience the beauty and transformation our bodies go through in carrying life, giving so much of ourselves during this precious time. As a photographer, I am driven to capture natural, creative images. Images of women to feel and see their beauty, honor their bodies, and trust the divine maternal path that connects all women in a loving, safe, and supportive light. It is the collaborative moments I share with women, working together, that fills ME up and helps me see my true beauty, my light!

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Birth Doula 

Skill Building Training

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For more information on how to apply for Birth Doula Skill Building Training, please contact Charity Nicole at (386) 627 5724

Doula Plus+ Birth Gallery 

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Working with Charity has been such a Positive experience. Her aura, energy, kind words/words of wisdom & encouragement has showered me with so much light. 


Charity was my birth Doula. She helped me make a beautiful connection with my daughter when she was brought into this world & I know it was her light that guided it. 


By Charity helping to make my birth so memorable, it also helped build a bond between me & my daughter Serenity. An experience I'll never forget as my love grows for her daily.


Soon after was when I felt that our journey together was not over yet. I was introduced to Charity's light connections. The experience was refreshing, awakening & felt like some untold questions have been answered. I'm sure everyone may have a different experience since we all walk different paths. All of these positive life experiences & it was from working with Charity. If I could describe her, I'd say she's a walking ray of sunshine in human form & this makes me giggle since you would only know what I mean only after meeting her. Just like how the sun's light can naturally help humans with depression (vitamin D), I feel as if Charity's light is similar to this since she naturally has a healing effect. I hope you'll be able to experience this & I feel honored to be writing this.

Dena Luom